Pioneer Tools

The pioneers depended heavily on their tools for everyday life. At the Autumn Pioneer Festival there was an array of tools on display. The re-enactors were happy to explain the use of each tool. I find it fascinating how people used to do everything by hand. In our technologically advanced world, most people have no idea how to use these tools anymore. Here are a few of the tools I found on display this year.

The first station wagon. I love the cage hanging from the bottom :)

Primitive wheelbarrow.

Assorted woodworking tools.

The traders offered tools, beads, blankets, and dishes in exchange for furs.

Cast iron galore!

Hay fork, rake, yoke, and seeder... for working in the field.

This past spring I planted beans for my Dad with a seeder just like this one.

In the foreground are a sharpening stone, canteen, and ladle. In the background is a yarn winder.

Fancy seed planter...if only I had one of these to help plant beans!

Tobacco grinder.

Native American women used racks like these to dry their corn, beans, squash, tobacco, and other herbs for the winter.

Native American Travois...probably for a dog or person to pull. The item hanging on the fence might be a dream catcher, but I'm not sure.
My Dad collects a lot of antique wood working tools, hand tools for farming and gardening, and odds and ends that he finds at flea markets and garage sales. The holy grail he is looking for is a huge old cast iron cauldron like I showed in my first post about the Autumn Pioneer Festival. I can't say I blame him, I love these tools too! Must be it's genetic :)

I hope you found this Pioneer series as interesting as I did!

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  1. What a great way to spend the day. Love how ingenious these tools are!

  2. It's really something to see how time-consuming doing your daily work must have been "way back then" around a small farm. Thanks for the lesson in history.

  3. That hanging on the fence isnt a dreamcatcher its a medicine wheel :)

  4. Thank you for letting me know that is a medicine wheel!

  5. So fun! I love going to those kind of festivals and locations where they reenact life from centuries ago! I enjoyed the day with you...blessings! Nancy at livininthegreen

  6. So fun! I love going to those kind of festivals and locations where they reenact life from centuries ago! I enjoyed the day with you...blessings! Nancy at livininthegreen

  7. Looks like lots of fun! I love reenactment. You always learn something new and interesting.

    Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Monday! I am excited to see what you have to share this week.

  8. Love the photo of the old hand tools. As a furniture maker (and avid gardener) I try to use mostly hand-tools when I work. My power tools are slowly being replaced by hand tools - it's a much better way to work!

  9. I think that's awesome Rob! Keep the knowledge alive :)

  10. Great post. I love how so many of these simple quality made tools are coming back into style (at least in our little world) There is so much to be said for a thing that lasts generations and does what its meant to do well.

  11. So true Colin! Thanks for stopping by!


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