Lazy Morning

Yawn! It's almost 10:30am and I'm ready to crawl back into bed. The thermometer outside is registering 2 degrees Fahrenheit. 2 degrees! It was -3 when I first got up at 6:15ish. I have a fire crackling away in the wood stove but the furnace is still running. The dog and cat are curled up next to the fire, lazing away the morning.

I did put on my old winter coat (the one with a zipper that doesn't work and holes chewed in one sleeve by a crazy rabbit) to go out and take care of the chickens. Their water was a big slushie even though the heat lamp is directly above it, about 4 feet up (don't worry, it's hung with a heavy chain and snap clips to be sure it doesn't fall). They've got clean water and extra feed, including corn to warm them up. But I didn't stay and shoot the breeze. They'll have to wait until I head back out in an hour or so. I have to go out to collect eggs more often when the temps are this low, so they don't freeze and crack.

The outfit of choice today is my 'lounging around the house' outfit, aka pajamas. Yes, this is the same outfit I wore out to feed the chickens. :) Quite frankly, I didn't feel like braving the cold air in our bedroom in order to change. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Since I'm on a roll, why not confess to more laziness? I planned to sort my seeds out over the weekend to see what I still need to order. Didn't happen. Not even close. Ok, I looked at the box of seeds and thought "Oh yeah, I was going to sort those today." That's as close as I got. I did get some yummy posts ready for The SS HomeAcre and figured out how to do some other fun stuff online. I'd love to have you visit my posts Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins and Making Raw Yogurt.

Hate to admit it, but I've been spending way too much time online this winter. I'm enjoying catching up on other blogs. I read a funny post this morning called "Isn't it Ironic?" over at Katherine's Corner...made me snort my coffee. I am enjoying the sunshine streaming through the windows...it's a gorgeous winter morning out there, but looks can be deceiving. If the temps warm up a bit I'll take the dog for a walk. My Sis in Alaska would roll her eyes at me (Right Coll?) for being such a wimp. I think she got the adventurous genes in our family. She takes the dogs out for a jog in -40 temps. Did I say 'adventurous genes?' Maybe I meant crazy genes!

Anyhoo, I guess I'm just being lazy today, how about you?


  1. Hey, it's cold here too, but not as cold as where you are. Our high today is 24. I had to trek out to the coop this morning to let the hens out. I filled their water and left the door open for them to forage. I don't give them feed during the day. We don't have snow to cover up the ground. When it does snow, I'll feed them grain and feed. They love the food scraps I take out in the morning.

  2. Hi Rachel!
    It was so cold today, I didn't even open their door. The water just freezes right up! Good for you, letting them forage as much as you can! I'm sure they love it :)

  3. I've been putting off my morning shower a bit since the weather turned cold -- my bad! It's okay to be lazy on cold days like this. :)

  4. It's cold here and I will confess, thought it doesn't happen often, I do love those days when I stay in my "comfies" all day long.

    Thanks so much for visiting! Hope you have a GREAT weekend.

  5. Hi Cindy,
    Lol! It doesn't happen often here either, but it does kinda feel like a holiday, doesn't it!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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